TV Viewing Habits: The What, Where and How of Content Discovery and Consumption

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of TV and it has changed dramatically over the coarse of those 8 decades. With a wealth of content now at everyone's fingertips, more viewer issues have arisen such as what to watch, how to find it and the overall customer experience.

We surveyed over 2,000 people throughout the US and UK to find out just what they thought about the current TV viewing experience. What we found is proof that providers need to invest more time and understanding into the technologies available that will improve search and discovery.

Some key takeaways from this survey report:

  • 62% of viewers think shows should be available on-demand within a few hours of being aired
  • Viewers spend an average of 16 minutes looking for something to watch
  • 35% of viewers base their decisions on ads
  • The majority of viewers will change the channel or switch to a different provider if they can't find something to watch

This is a lost venue opportunity and what no linear or digital provider wants.

Find out what the rest of the survey has to say and learn what we recommend as a solution.


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