Information is Power: Getting the Most From Video Recommendations

Despite the numerous videos available online, finding the right content to watch continues to be a struggle for consumers. Recently we've seen an increase in video recommendations but what can you do to tap the analytics and squeeze out the most value? Recommendations can not only ease the process of content selection for your audience, but help you gain insight on user preference and ultimately boost revenue opportunities.

In this video recemmendations survey produced by Piksel and CSI, you can see what types of parameters are currently being used and in which ways the analytics are being used to inform recommendation engines.

Some key takeaways from this recommendation survey:

  • Among the respondents, there was a relatively even split between those who currently use some kind of recommendation technology to those who don’t (with the rest, perhaps surprisingly, unsure).
  • 68% of operators say they find recommendations to be of critical value to their business
  • 19% are currently using User Preference analytics to inform recommendation engines


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