Working from home in healthcare: how to securely access HSCN remotely

In this blog, we’ll show you how healthcare professionals can access vital HSCN data remotely, without sacrificing on IT security.


The Support Hope and Recovery Online Network (SHaRON): transforming mental health with digital

The SHaRON application is provided and supported by Carelink. It’s a robust, mission-critical, secure platform, holding hugely sensitive data related to its patients and clinicians.


Carelink migrates customers to HSCN

The migration to HSCN involved seventy of their customer organisations. Carelink was one of the first wave of suppliers to achieve HSCN Stage 2 compliance to become a Consumer Network Services Provider (CNSP) in February this year.


Think Cloud First? Or think first and then Cloud?

Darren Turner, General Manager at Carelink, discusses the drivers for cloud in healthcare, why the sector has been slow to migrate to date and how the new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) could be a catalyst for driving adoption as multi-agency collaboration develops.


Software firm Clevermed enhances NHS user experience on Health and Social Care Network

Clevermed’s mission-critical maternity patient data management system, Badgernet, is live and running in 250 hospitals around the UK, hosted by supplier Carelink in its London datacentre. But prior to switching onto HSCN with Carelink, it faced some serious problems.


Carelink passes HSCN migration ‘milestone’

The migration to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) involved seventy customer organisations that deliver “round the clock” services to the health and social care sector, at local and national level. Carelink called the completion of the work “a significant milestone” in the roll out of its HSCN connected services.


Comment: Healthcare is still in the clouds

Darren Turner of Carelink reveals the drivers for using the cloud in the healthcare sector and how it will help to transform services.


Integrated Health and Social Care Starts With The Network

HSCN is the new network connecting health and social care organisations, and in many cases a wider ecosystem of public service providers, allowing organisations to access and share information more reliably, flexibly and efficiently


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s social networking solution provides 24/7 support for people with eating disorders

Carelink is providing a platform for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s social networking solution for people with eating disorders.


Carelink Provides Mission Critical Platform for Maternity and Neonatal Applications

Clevermed, a medical software company, is using hosted infrastructure services and connectivity to HSCN from Carelink to provide NHS trusts, clinicians and patients with reliable, stable and secure access to its BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal software products.